The company

Our Policy
-    We aim to conduct our business in a manner that preserves the environment and to achieve the best products performance from an environmental perspective.
-    We shall provide products and service of the right quality on time
-    We will contribute to a sustainable development, through follow-up and continues improvements, which is a personal commitment as well as a task for all of us

We guarantee fast and secure deliveries. Satisfied customers and a good cooperation is our target.

In 1945 the company AB Hårdmetallverktyg was founded in Ockelbo.  The business was concentrated to produce cutting tools such as turning and milling tools.   Integral drill rods and stone cutting tools with tungsten carbide was also in the line of products.

When the company started to export the name, AB Hårdmetallverktyg, needed to be changed.   1977 the name “Rebit” was chosen.  This name was picked from a commercial-slogan for a special carbide.  The slogan was “Rekord Biter” and therefore we have the name Rebit.
Today  Rebit is the name for the stone cutting tools with carbide.

The company was sold to Fagersta AB 1980 and today it is a part
of Atlas Copco Secoroc AB. The head office is placed in Fagersta.

In Ockelbo there is a production company that produce integral drill rods and tapered rod for the stone dimension industry.

The line of the Rebit tools are produced in Ockelbo and the sales is also placed here.
Our strength is a flexible department in Atlas Copco, with access to all the knowledge in our group.