Advice for our most popular hand tools.

Advice for our most popular hand tools
Rebit stone masonry tools and stone carving tools are well-known for there quality.
The carbide is our own manufacturing that matches the toughest needs.
The tools are also hardened to avoid splitting and mushroom-shaping.

All hand tools are effective and strong tools if they are used in the right way. The tools must be reground regular in order to keep its sharpness.

Some advice for our hand tools
The pitching tool, SM40-O, is used for cutting of edges. Hold the chisel steady in your hand and never brake at the same time as you hit the shank. Avoid trying to break away stone. Straight hits will give the best result.

The handtracer, RIM38-0, is used for splitting the stone.  You can also use this chisel for shaping the stone.  Hold the tool vertically to make the trace.

The pointed chisel, PKM25, is used to remove larger unevenness on a stone surface.

Grinding advice
Do not grind the carbide to sharp
- After grinding, give an edge to the corners
- Do not overheat
- Hold the chisel steady against the grinding disc

We recommend following grinding discs

Tyrolit 150 x 6 x 20, bevel E, C80 alt C100 
to lettering chisels and smaller bush hammers

Tyrolit 200 x 10 x 20, bevel E, C80 alt C100
To bush hammers with shank D (15.5 x 50), Pellegrini bush hammers and
to our stone masonry and carving stone tools.

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